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FIT Directive, September 24, 2009
"... to develop a feed-in tariff ("FIT") program that is designed to procure energy from a wide range of renewable resources. The development of this program is ... critical to Ontario's success in becoming a leading renewable energy jurisdiction...
Download FIT Directive

FIT Rules
This document contains the rules with respect to the FIT program, which will be reviewed periodically, and may be amended in accordance with Section 10.
Download FIT Rules

FIT Contract
Feed In Tariff Contract (FIT Contract), Cover Page ...
Download FIT Contract

FIT Standard Definitions
The following terms shall have the meaning stated below when used in the FIT Rules or in the FIT Contract ...
Download FIT Standard Definitions

FIT Price Schedule
Under the new Feed-In-Tariff Program rules, most residential and small business customers in Ontario will qualify for the $0.802/kWh category. Download FIT Price Schedule

MicroFIT Program Rules
The primary objective of this document is to outline the process for participating in the microFIT program...
Download MicroFIT Program Rules

MicroFIT Contract
This Contract contains the Agreement and relevant Appendices, including: Definitions, Calculation Of Indexed Contract Price, Solar PV Schedule, Directly Connected Facility Schedule, Indirectly connected Facility Schedule, Incremental Project Schedule, etc. Download MicroFIT Contract


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